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CCM Audition Result Email 2023

Good afternoon! Please make sure you read this email in its entirety before accessing the results page. 

 Thank you students, for all you did to prepare for these auditions, and family members for all you did to support your students in the process. Through the in person auditions, we were able to assess a wider range of skills and offer support and guidance as students worked through what is always an anxious time. We strongly feel that the audition material presented, paired with our knowledge as directors of our students and their daily skills and work ethic, gave us the ability to create ensembles that will foster the growth and development of our students.  

Please use the links below to find the curricular choir rosters for next school year, and make sure to sign up for Remind using the instructions at the bottom of your choir list. 

Please note that Centennial Singers Silver (2nd Hour) and Maroon (7th hour) will be combined into ONE choir, Centennial Singers Silver. This group will meet during 7th hour. The other choirs will still meet at their regular times.

We kindly ask that you wait until Monday before contacting the directors with questions, comments, or concerns. We will not be checking email until Monday morning. This will help all of us have some time and perspective before we dive into these conversations to make sure that emotions don't get in the way of healthy communication. This applies to students AND families. We will be happy to provide feedback to students directly after Monday morning. 

Centennial Singers Black (3rd Hour)

Cantamus (5th Hour)

Concert Choir (6th Hour)

Centennial Singers Silver (7th Hour)

We can't wait for another year of music making!

Edgeton, Hoshaw & the CCM Team

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